How it Works
How Can Visitors Enter The System?
First you need to register via our link of our web page indicated on our invitations and fill in the registration form in detail so the system will be able to do the correct matchmaking and offer you the related exhibitor companies. Your registration will be confirmed by the Administrator and an activation link will be sent to you via e-mail. Requesting you to please change your credentials upon first login.

How to change the Password:
Edit Profile > Change Credentials Tab
(Default Old Password for first time activation will be blank)

The Entrance Fee
There is no fee for visiting India Carpet Expo 2020.

How Visitors benefit from the system?
The information, product photos, product information and exhibitor team members’ information will be visible on the platform.

Visitors can search company name or product type. The platform will also match-make exhibitors according to product type and will offer relevant companies to the visitors for meetings.

All visitors will have their profile pages.

Visitors can request online meetings with the exhibitors, receive meeting demands from exhibitors and use the option to accept or deny them on a scheduled time.

Meetings will be executed on the fair platform and visitors will be able to see the showrooms, production facilities and products of the exhibitors live on actual time.

Visitors will be able to see attend the seminars and panels that will be executed during the fair.

Attention Visitors
In order to have satisfactory experince on meeting rooms please follow the instructions below:

If you are using computer (laptop or desktop) we suggest you to use safari or chrome browsers.

If you are using android based devices such as tablets or mobile phones please use chrome browser and give permission to camera and microphone on browser settings.

If you are using apple based devices such as tablets or mobile phones please use safari browser and allow blocked pop-up and set your microphone and camera settings to "Ask"; when you are joining meeting room Please make sure you select "iPad or iPhone Microphone" instead of "Default".
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